Our Team

The Ceiba Energy team brings in-depth knowledge, understanding and experience of Latin American power markets and assets. The team has led the development, acquisition, operations, financing and re-financing of numerous Latin American power projects. The Ceiba Energy team has access to a broad network of industry professionals with proven track records to support the Ceiba platform’s growth efforts in key Latin American markets.

Ceiba Energy’s management team has more than 80 years of combined experience in power generation and related energy infrastructure in Latin America and emerging markets. Members of the management team have been part of AEI, Enron, Union Fenosa, AES, First Solar, and Duke Energy.

Ceiba Energy’s management team was most recently a part of the senior executive team at AEI, a $10-billion revenue power/utility platform that became the largest private company in Houston in the space. AEI owned and operated energy assets across emerging markets, with over 2,270 MW of power plants, 7.4 million electricity and gas distribution customers, and an extensive network of gas transportation pipelines. While at AEI, aside from running the day-to-day operations, the Ceiba Energy team was directly responsible for the company’s threefold growth and executed a divestiture strategy achieving significant returns for its shareholders.

Emilio Vicens

Chief Executive Officer

Ramon Lafee

Managing Director of Corporate Development

Javier Marrero

Chief Operating Officer

Dino Padilha

Executive Vice President of Operations

Giselle Barila


Fernando Planchart

General Counsel

Laura Valencia

Executive Assistant

Paulo Alexandre Almeida

Chief Executive Officer of Breitener - Brazil

Ronan Dias

Chief Executive Officer of Portocem - Brazil

Paula Barcellos

Head of Legal - Brazil

Guilherme Guimarães

Planning Director - Brazil


Roberto Figueroa

Senior Advisor

Alan Stringer

Technical Consultant

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